My Personal Definition Of Public Service

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My Personal Definition of Public Service

Our class has spent this semester developing insights and creating definitions of the entity we are committed to build future careers around. In the past weeks, we have collaboratively arrived at various definitions that incorporate elements derived from these multidisciplinary-informed investigations. A longitudinal analysis of these group efforts understandably demonstrates sufficient congruity among descriptors ( Activity-Motive-Purpose-Outcome ) to allow construction of a preliminary composite definition of our subject as “ outcome driven behaviors motivated by and directed towards building social capital and encouraging self-actualization”. This global definition encompasses a range of diverse activities ( such as teaching a recent immigrant a new language or mounting a multinational response to an emerging epidemic ) that are generally accepted as falling within the behavioral parameters of the profession we aspire to .
“ Public” refers to pluralities of inhabitants who congregate in groups. Excavation and study of the oldest relics these groupings left behind allows anthropology to posit the “dawn of civilization” to have occurred in Mesopotamia, the epicenter from where humanity departed to colonize other areas. New structures and institutions emerged as larger population centers developed- a process that continues to this day as we observe the immense and primal demographic shift from rural areas to cities…
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