My Personal Development Plan For Mba Program

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In this Report, at first I will present my initial personal development Plan, which was prepared at the beginning of the MBA program to improve upon my personal as well as professional skills, and regarding my expectations and goals that I would like to achieve through this program. This PDP is reviewed and assessed on regular basis during the course based upon the learning and personal reflection, along with highlighting my short and long term objectives after the MBA completion, to meet personal and professional target goals. SWOT ANALYSIS For presenting my initial and ongoing personal development plan there is need to first conduct personal analysis using SWOT, to know about my strengths and weaknesses, and what external opportunities or threats might affect any plans I take. As, this will shape the background to any developmental plan. Strengths Strong technical job background. Many years of experience of working with different international clients, thus awareness about way of working of different nationalities. Experience of handling and working under high pressure and limited time span situations in projects. Good communication skills. Decision taking skills. Weakness Lack of effective managerial experience. Lack of in depth knowledge of the way by which businesses run. Not well organized in maintaining work-life balance. Not planning ahead for the future tasks. Not enough public speaking or presentation experience. Opportunities Utilizing
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