My Personal Essay: Like An Oak Tree

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Like an Oak tree.
An oak tree is my personal mascot because it has an amazing life cycle. It starts as a tiny acorn and grows to be a tall and mighty Oak whose trunk is resistant to disease and harsh weather.
At the age of eight, I thought less of myself. I felt inferior since I only knew so much. All I ever worried about was how much bread my father brought to our rented house before I slept. Eating was the order of the day, it was rather a goal I pledged to accomplish on a daily basis.
Besides eating, I was also passionate about animated movies ranging from Tom and Jerry to Shrek. There was always a message conveyed in each movie I watched. My favorite was Chicken Little, a story of a chick who saved his town from alien invasion. Chicken Little had once thrown his town into panic claiming that the sky was falling. Everyone in the city thought he was crazy as they assumed that he reacted to an acorn that fell on his head. Chicken Little fought against public discouragement and finally did something he was not expected to do, Chicken Little saved his town. The courage of the chick inspired me to act mature and I
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However, one thing I know for sure, is that I have learnt to face my fears at an early age. It is my dream to grow and aim for the star, to be holistically tall and morally strong. I dream to live long enough to render service to the community. Just as the Oak tree can produce as many as 10 million acorns over its life span, I long to impact as many as 10 million lives, to make a lasting difference, to give a hope for the welfare of the generations to come. I dream to be a shelter for the homeless, a channel through which the hungry can feed. I also dream to touch the fly through the skies and safely transport millions of passengers throughout my lifetime. Look out, oak seedling coming through, he yearns to be the greatest tree yet, he wants to be an Oak
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