My Personal Experience In High School

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At a young age, I quickly learned that I was good with numbers; math always came easy to me. Along with math, science interested me as well and my favorite things to study were the systems of the body in biology. I remember once when I was around eleven years old, my parents took me to the body museum and I actually got to see, in real life, the individual systems of the body. Whenever I got to experience this, I knew that I wanted to learn so much more about the body. During school, my learning style has always been more visual and hands on than anything. I have to see and do in order to learn, and that is how I do well in my classes. When we have group projects it is difficult for me to work with people who are assigned to me, but I do enjoy working with the people I am used to. It is hard for me to meet new people, but once I get to know them, I get along very easily.
I have not graduated high school yet, but I will this upcoming year. The road to graduation hasn’t been too bad; fortunately, I have gone to Bridgeport for my entire life. I have challenged myself throughout my years of high school. For my freshman year, I was involved in as much as I could be. I played volleyball and ran cross-country at the same time, then played basketball in the fall and ran track in the spring. Along with my participation in sports, I took all advanced courses and have continued to do so throughout my high school career. During my sophomore year I was invited to join Bridgeport High
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