My Personal Experience : My Experience As A Teacher

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Today, I came prepared to teach my lesson as I was supposed to but times got switched up and plans got changed. In some ways I'm glad this happened because it taught me an important lesson of being flexible. As a teacher, things aren't always going to go smoothly and on track; there are always mix-ups along the way and learning how to cope with those are imperative. Although I didn't have a chance to teach today, I conducted morning meeting and read some of the book “Crenshaw” to the class. After, the class and I walked down to the computer room for coding. They just started creating different objects that preform different functions. For example, students chose between a bee, earthquake, dumpster, or car to create and make moveable. I…show more content…
I had small group with my soccer team this morning so came in a little later than usual. Once I got there, I found out we had a sub in the class so knew I had to step up and help to navigate through the lesson plans in order to assist her. We first had morning meeting then I read a couple chapters of Crenshaw. After this, I pulled up a video for the sub on what was currently being taught. Following, the students took a quiz what they had learned. The next instruction was to make a foldable on explorers of SC so I helped make a model as what they were expected to complete. While papers were being handed out for this, we realized Mrs. Prioreschi had not printed enough copies so I went to make more. Today was my very last day student teaching with the kids that I consider siblings. When I got to school I gave my teacher and kids their gifts. After that, we went to the computer lab and a coding instructor was there to introduce their next project. I walked around helping students get started on theirs and answered any questions about the problems they ran into. Once we got back to class, I taught my second lesson. The title of it was “Springing into Christmas,” since the holidays were just beginning. Different from the last one, I chose to teach in the English field. It was good of me to switch up the subject that I taught because since I want to be an elementary school teacher, around the
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