My Personal Experience : My Experience In College

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College never really intimidated me. I always got decent enough grades, had friends, and participated in sports during my High School years. Nothing really worthy of a scholarship by any means, and my family was unfortunately not in the financial situation to send me to an out of state school. They always did everything they could for me, So my first choice (in state) was University of Denver. However, as my family lived pretty far in Boulder to be exact, I moved into the dorms on campus. That's one of the worst decisions i’ve ever come to. As I arrived on campus it was oddly chilly for a day in the usually crisp, but still warm early September. It felt more like late cold October weather and the leaves on the trees weren't their usual deep greens I remember seeing in the brochure I received. They were the leaves I expect to see in early to mid-Fall. I visited the campus a few times on tours and field trips so I was able to find my dorm fairly easily. Once I got into my room, I flicked the yellowed light switch and was greeted by dull beige walls and cookie cutter furniture. The greyed sunlight bleeding through the forest green drapery over the window between two twin sized beds. Since my roommate had not gotten there yet, I figured i’d go out to the common area and mingle with the people in my building. When I got back to my room, I opened the door and sitting on the bed I had placed my bags on, was a skinny, nerdy looking guy, with buzzed light brown hair and a patchy “Beard.” He wore khaki pants that were too short for him and showed his slightly greyed white socks. His shirt was an atrocious 80s like short sleeved button up: however pristinely ironed. His glasses had obviously been bent out of their original form and were bent back into place. “Hey man! Nice to meet you. I’m Sean” I reacted. I then noticed how he was sitting. He wasn't actively doing anything. It’s as if he was staring at the door just waiting for me, with his hands on his lap and back straight. I knew he was pretty “Unsociable” to put it nicely “I’m Matthew” In a hesitant and faint voice he replied. As I went over shake his hand he stood up and I got a look at just how tall this guy was. He towered over me and I’m six-foot,
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