My Personal Experience : My Experience In High School

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So far in life my passhion has been educating myself to the fullest extent. Ever since I was in middle school, though not as understanding, I knew that all I really wanted to do was take in as much information that the world had to offer for me. Starting with advanced math classes, to other challenging Ap courses. I even took the Calculus one and two course at my high school, through PSU, and did everything I could in order to prepare for Calculus three and four at PSU. Yet no matter what boundaries I pushed in high school, nothing was comparible to a real college course. Calculus three and four was by far the biggest academic challenge I have ever faced. Through devoting the most time and effort I have ever put into anything, I passed the class.

Throughout the term I had always felt like I was recieving all of the neccesary information, I just could never seem to be able to fill all of the holes to problems. Either slight deviations of problems that I didn’t devote enough of my time to, or some sort of algebraic notation that I wasn’t familiar with yet. Whenever I did run into failures I covered my last few steps and made sure I was capable of the past information but everything would just continue to race past me and hop onto new things. None of the paces I was set on in high school could even be compared to how fast we were moving at PSU. I was intaking ten fold the information than I ever had in my entire life, and was quite dazed doing so. It seemed as if almost every quiz felt like another slap in the face that I had to continue to shake off. Nevertheless, I continued to press on as hard as I could and spent hours on end, every day, in order to cover as much of my Calculus curriculum as possible. At some points I began to experience an unshakable sort of worry in the back of my head that urged me into doing math for days straight, to the point that I felt like all I ever was doing was math, even with my other schooling. No matter my continuos studying, my grade was scheming more and more towards absolute failing.

By the time I had dizzily stumbled my way to week six of my ten week course, my class size had shrunk by fifty percent. These were no Clackamas High School students, there was no one
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