My Personal Experience : My Experience In High School

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So far in life, my passion has been educating myself to the fullest extent. Ever since I was in middle school, though not as understanding, I knew that all I really wanted to do was take in as much information that the world had to offer for me. Starting with advanced math classes, to other challenging AP courses. I even took the Calculus one and two course at my high school, through PSU, and did everything I could in order to prepare for Calculus three and four at PSU. Yet no matter what boundaries I pushed in high school, nothing was comparable to a real college course. Calculus three and four was by far my most rigorous academic challenge I have ever faced. Through devoting the most time and effort I have ever put into anything, I…show more content…
When the test grade came in, besides a few more algebraic faults, I got my first tiny taste of success. I realized that the final test was cumulative and I had the rest of the term to not only master new applications, but also sharpen my other newly learned ones as well. I had a borderline D that was dancing between a fifty nine and sixty percent. I really did have one more shot.

My unshakable worry evolved into an unshakable mindset that could not allow the term of effort I devoted go to waste. I began to study so intensively to the point that I had begun to run laps around all of the Calculus information I had ever been presented, I could recite all of the syllabi to my Calculus classes. I have never analyzed something so deeply and it has attracted me so much more to my learning. A more complex understanding of any subject studied can only bring me a deeper care and appreciation of it’s presence. This is when I realized that my goal is my passion and because of that I have no chance of failure. My freshly polished, anxiety free mindset guided me through my everlasting studies and eventually even right through my test!

Throughout the last part of the term a new me was born. I now understand how much I can receive from patience and work. I believe that through my fight, success and analysis, crafted myself a new form of responsibility. Where I feel as if I can fully solve challenges on my own. I know that
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