My Personal Experience : My Experience In High School

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Growing up, before I entered high school, I always thought it was going to be like how they showed it in the movies. That was a lie as soon as I stepped foot in high school. Those shows and movies never really focused or talked about the actual education and grades and how important they are. They don’t mention the importance of being in a sport and how good of outcomes come from being involved. Now being in my last year in high school, I have learned a lot about myself and life throughout the years that I’ve been here. Not only has it helped me grow into the person I am today but taught me plenty of lessons. As well as accepting them and not giving up on myself or school. It was my junior year that I learned from all of my mistakes and focused on myself. As well as realizing that I needed to get my head back on track, especially since I was going to be a senior the following year. I would say that I was all over the place my sophomore year and so much was going on at home, friends, and myself. I would ignore any of these types of situations such as my mom losing her job, money problems, my house going up for sale, and worst of all at the moment, failing a class my sophomore year. When my grade in chemistry kept going down I thought to myself, “Oh it’s impossible for me to fail a class, I’ll pass it with a D,” or “I’m fine, it’ll go up with the next assignment.” Not in a million years would I have ever thought that I would fail a class. I was putting my school work aside. I procrastinated a lot by doing assignments last minute or turning them in late, I was also not involved in school one bit. I was in the car with my friend and it was the last day of exams, we were parked and on our phones.
“I’m so happy we are done with exams!” Susana said with such excitement.
“I know me too! Do you think teachers already put in our exam grades? I asked her as I start typing Infinite Campus on my phone.
“Oh, yea! They probably did,” she said.
I logged in and I saw the orange notification on my grades and I had this weird feeling in my stomach. I click on it and I see my grade, I failed the exam which meant I didn’t pass the class.
“I failed,” I said quietly. I began crying and was shocked, but I knew deep down I
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