My Personal Experience : My Experience In My Life

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One wonders where to start? It happened so long ago the memories are all forgotten but a couple tiny, minute fragments; Shattered pieces, I can only see small picture like memories of. The one I remember most is a story of teaching, of enlightenment. When I learned a lesson that I will keep for a lifetime. To treasure life and all things given for you do not know when they can be taken from you.

Our story began on a crisp summer morning in the year 2008. I was 8 at the time ,and still naive in my outlook on the world. In the early morning rays I was woken up by my mother ,and told we were going to Aunt Lesas house to help clean; so, I hopped out of bed heading towards the shower. The shower, as usual, was blistering hot; it seemed to turn the skin bright red and steam to rise off your body. After the shower, I went to my room to get dressed. I donned on my favorite: a plain red shirt and basketball shorts. Mom had made pancakes for breakfast ,and they smelled divine. The pancakes had a syrupy, soft, warm texture that was resplendent. Then, mom said “We need to go”,so we got into her 2007 white Nissan Pathfinder and drove off to my aunts.

The drive there had been like any other I had taken through my home town. The trees were a verdant green, and the roads a coarse, worn black. When we reached town we stopped at the first gas station in town from the way we drive from home. The smell of gas was present around the pumps; also, akin to trash in its smell. Mom got out ,and
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