My Personal Experience : My Experience In My Life

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The water was hitting my face, as steam blew of my body, I changed the hot water to cold. The shower was refreshing me, but I couldn’t stop thinking about all the hardships and obstacles I faced to get to where I am now. The vivid images of all the negative things I went through and a few positive were filling my head. I couldn’t stop comparing the past to the present I was in right now. Even though I lived through a lot of crappy periods in my life, I ended up learning that through pain we gain hope. All my problems started in elementary, the place I considered living hell. My living nightmare started around August 2012 as I entered the doors of Imagine Schools at Camelback. What I didn’t know when I was entering those door was the amount of disappointments and betrayals that were waiting for me on the other side. One thing that I still hold up till now is that if you can keep fighting till the end then there will always be better things waiting for you at the end of the fight. Excitement rushed through me as I heard the bell ring, so I sprinted towards my first class. I opened the door to the classroom that I would be in most of the time and looked around. I was searching for potential friends and I found someone who I decided to sit next to. His name was Gerald, as I presented myself I saw other people coming in. A few hours passed and we got our first homework for the year. Homework that I would intensely do with all my effort, but in the end was for nothing. As I
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