My Personal Experience : My Experience Of High School

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The high school I attended was very different. The last two years- junior and senior year- I was allowed to choose the classes I wanted to take. Having this opportunity I always avoided taking an English class. I never enjoyed it and one thing I disliked was writing papers on why I don’t like writing papers. I envied the people who enjoyed writing because as we get older that is a crucial thing we need. In many of my papers I was unable to maintain focus, need to use more transitions words, and lacked the proper knowledge on how to do a correct works cited. I have learned to fix some of my mistakes, but on other things I still need improvement. On my first paper, I struggled with staying focus on my topic. Second essay I struggled with transitioning my ideas from one to another. Lastly, I improved on both my lack of focus on my papers and I included more transition words. The assignment for essay number one was explaining how we started to learn how to read and write. The story behind this answer was easy for me, the hard part about it was putting all the information together and making it flow. For example, the essay started talking about how reading and writing is essential for you to succeed in life. My second paragraph was introducing the story about how I learned to read and write. The part where my teacher and i notice I was losing focus was on my third paragraph. The third paragraph was still talking about my story, but I never mentioned myself. I was mentioning the
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