My Personal Experience : My Experience Of School

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The nerve-wracking feeling of school hit me a month into summer. When I saw the email regarding my class schedule for junior year, AP Chemistry and AP Psychology were listed. Anxiety was stirring within me. Although I had a notion of the challenge I am about to face, I chose to give it a shot. Having the same teacher for both classes, I sat in the same spot for two consecutive periods, feeling clueless. I was walking out of the classroom when my teacher pulled me aside for a word, she gave me a pat on the back, “You’re the only person taking both classes this year, Good luck!” I was not entirely sure if it was an encouragement or a warning. “What have I gotten myself into?”, “What am I doing this for?”, Countless number of questions starts to formulate as I made my way back home. Sweat formed on my forehead as I panicked while flipping through my notes, frantically trying to understand all that chemistry problem and psychological terms. I glanced at the clock; 2 in the morning. Lying back on the chair, I questioned myself again if I had made the right choice of taking both classes together in my junior year, knowing that both AP Exams would happen on the same day. I took a break from the intense typing. The idea of dropping the class struck me not only once, but I want to at least try, I really do. In class, my heart started to race as the teacher fly through PowerPoint slides in class. Soon after, I realized the need to find a solution that way I would be in
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