My Personal Experience Of My Experience In High School

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Senior year ~ Difficult this word best describes my experience throughout high school especially my senior year.What made this year so stressful you’re wondering, well let me tell you.This was the last year of school which was exciting but terrifying all at the same time; this meant I would learn how to live in the “real world” but there were two problems.One being I wasn’t prepared for the world outside those doors. my second problem my past failures were catching up with me and I had to fix them if I wanted to continue with my future. Credit Recovery~ The only way I would be able to graduate in time is if I retook courses to improve my grade.Two times a week I would stay after school as required and work on readings.assignments and test.During the rest of the week, i could work on it whenever and wherever and that’s just what I did.Anytime I wasn’t busy with current classes I would be working in credit recovery.The day came when I had finally finished credit recovery or so I thought.Turns out I had one more course to finish before I could be done and graduate.Upon hearing this I went and talked to my counselor to see if there had been a mixup. Unfortunately was not the case, she then proceeded to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to graduate on time and that I would have to attend summer school. Shattered~ After that lovely visit with the counselor I broke down because all I could think was I’m a failure and my future is
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