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The teenage years of our lives are often the most challenging. From trying to find out who we are, having a job, and dealing with more rigorous academic work. However, as we approach our late teen years, we begin college and some of us get our first job. In college, we finally pursue that field we always dreamed of studying and make a new circle of friends. Even so, we often find ourselves and our actual interests. Throughout my time in Dominican, I hope to develop as a college student who is more responsible, overachieving, outgoing and that doesn’t give up by the goals I have set and will set every semester, the different academic and extra-curricular activities I become part of and identifying any possible challenges and solutions to them. One way I hope to develop as a college student is by the goals I have set this semester and every upcoming semester. At the beginning of this semester, I set two goals for this semester, which were turn in every assignment and get straight A’s. Those goals wore accomplish but they wore goals for a short time. As the semester progress, those goals changed significantly. From obtaining simply A’s went to obtain A’s that are going to get you a perfect GPA. That change happened after I got my midterm reports, where shockingly I got straight A’s. At first, I thought that I was going to do bad in my classes because I thought they were going to be very difficult, Furthermore, I wasn’t going to be able to handle school and work at the same
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