My Personal Experience Through Art

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Art is such a powerful mechanism in terms of expression. Personally I tend to channel my emotions into my art to allow for an honest and thought-provoking image. Emotion and expression is the basis of art as mentioned in the above quote which I think beautifully sums up the foundation of all artworks. Personal experience is also beneficial to the artists and I can identify with this. By personifying my personal experiences through art I am able to express myself in a unique way as well as use it as a form of venting. This is when you can see and feel the raw emotion through the work of the artist. That is why personal experience is so important, you can identify with the fear they could have felt through a certain experience or event. An artist who I think has fully lived up to this is Frida Kahlo. Kahlo was a surrealist artist who expressed herself through art. She went through tons of emotional suffering with her husband cheating on her with her sister as well as physical suffering in which she spent several months in hospital after a fatal bus accident. Being put through so much emotional toll she channeled these emotions through art. We can therefore identify with the suffering she experienced through her lifetime. Her images are confrontational conversely to my images that are subtler. I was therefore inspired by her to be more upfront and provoking with my art through symbolism of suffering. Similarly, I wanted to express my inner emotions and make myself vulnerable
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