My Personal Experience With Literacy

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Literacy is defined as being literate, that is, being able to read and write in a language. My personal experience with literacy began at an early age, at the age of 4 when I began to sit and read words and letters in the back of my mother’s car. Soon enough, she would bring me a magazine called “Majed” which, in the 90’s, was a popular magazine. With this, I began even more interested in reading and writing and reviewed every word in the magazine associated with each of the short pictured stories. It was the first memory I deeply recall of literacy and it was what laid the foundation for my personal love of reading and writing. The methodology used for this is an interview. There are three interviews which are analyzed and brought together in the form of a narrative. This narrative serves to better explain the emotions and thoughts that the interviewees had about the idea of literacy.
The first interviewee is one of my classmates who was asked a series of questions about literacy. My classmates stated that “When I was child I use to wrote any words I saw in the newspaper, but just copy the words without knows the meaning. After that my mother saw my, she asks me. Do you know the meaning of this words? I said not, in this day, my mother start to taught me how to read and write.” When asked about which areas were most interesting my classmate stated that they read romantic books, dramas, fantasy books, and history.
But it was not always easy for them. My classmate stated…
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