My Personal Experience of a Writing Situation at the Workplace

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What had happened is that there were employees who were abusing their privileges in the break room. Some had stolen soda from a refrigerator as well as some beer that was put in there for special meetings that my boss had with individuals coming to the company. People were aware that while they were allowed to use the break room to eat lunch or drink a coffee on their break, they were not, however, allowed to go into the refrigerator. There were two or three warnings that were given and then I got the word from my boss to write a letter to all employees telling them why they were no longer allowed to use the room. In this letter, I essentially had to persuade people of the fact that there was harm done. I had heard around the office that many individuals were up in arms about the fact that my boss was so upset about the missing beverages. They believed that the company was stable enough (i.e. wealthy enough) to offer their employees free beverages and they didn't understand what the big deal was about. My orders were to write a letter explaining that the privileges were being revoked, why the were being revoked, as well as explain how it was morally wrong to steal from a company. In essence, I had to persuade the other employees of their wrongdoing. Right off the bat…

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