My Personal Experience with iPod Touch

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I have decided to write about the iPod Touch, a product I purchased last year when my old iPod died. I had determined that I wanted to upgrade from the old product, and saw an opportunity to do so. I had to put together a list of criteria, because the purchase decision was not entirely easy. The iPod Touch has a fairly high price point, so I had to choose between a range of iPods and smartphones. The criteria, in list form, included price, memory size, features, Wifi, phone capabilities, and operating system. I used a combination of talking to friends and Internet research to come to my purchase decision. It is worth pointing out that at the beginning of the process, I had a "top three" list of desired qualities that would change over the course of the research. At the outset, the first quality was memory size, since my old iPod was a healthy 64gb. The second quality was price and the third was features. I felt that by combining these three elements, I would be able to meet all of my needs. Not only did I want to replace my old iPod, but I wanted better functionality, so I could do more and be more efficient. My Internet research showed that smartphones double as mp3 players and many of them have a decent amount of memory. This opened things up a bit. One option was that I could upgrade my phone. Another reality that this research finding showed was that I did not have to buy an Apple product. My first iPod of course was Apple, and I was happy with it, but there are
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