My Personal Favorite, Caribou Coffee

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America is fueled by coffee, and many Americans have a specific preference of where/who they buy their coffee from. With that being said, advertising plays a huge part in deciding which coffee is “best.” There are typical big name brands such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, but I chose to focus on my personal favorite, Caribou Coffee. Caribou focuses on delivering a message that there is a lot of life to live, and that their coffee will help you stay awake for it. This advertisement uses pathos and logos to convince young adults that by drinking Caribou Coffee, the consumer is considered adventurous and living life to the fullest. This ad was meant to send a positive message to the coffee lovers of America. The billboard advertisement…show more content…
The advertisement is directed towards a more mature, yet young audience (18-30), who wish to explore the world. They are the ones in the prime of their lives who desire a rich and fulfilling life, full of experiences. They are also the ones more likely to drink coffee. Most people need coffee in their lives, which gives Caribou a serious advantage in their advertising. They know that their product is something that America values, but how do they make their brand stick out from others? Personally, I was drawn to the scenery presented in the ad. These people, standing on the log, are experiencing life. They are the ones who use this specific brand of coffee to fuel their adventures. Caribou Coffee is selling the idea that if you drink their coffee, you too are capable of exploring the world. Their coffee is the only thing that can help you stay awake, not just for things like work, but for life. They want their viewers to believe that free and interesting lives start with drinking their coffee. Caribou is assuming that their consumers understand the importance of life and the concept that life is short. With that being said, Caribou did a good job on the placement of their billboard. It is right above First Avenue, a nightclub in Minneapolis where many young adults attend concerts. Caribou assumes that this ad is appealing to those who are already surrounded by that sort of adventurous and fun lifestyle. They cater
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