My Personal Goal Is Weight Loss

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I maintained my three day food diary on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of this week. I currently use a FitBit, I log all of my food consumption and it counts my calories. Not only does it count calories but it has a tracker to count the steps you take every day. Unfortunately FitBit does not count nutrients just calories but also, sleep cycle, water intake, exercise, calories in versus out, miles walked, floors walked up/down, calories burned, and active minutes. It is also very user friendly and easy to use, and the food diary has a lot of food items pre-logged. Logging my food on the FitBit app helped me in going on Choose my Plate and logging my food on their food tracker. From logging my food into the system it gave me my personal account of nutrients for those three days. My personal goal is weight loss so I believe my diet (for these three days) was typically very good. There were nutrients that I was deficient in, but the deficiencies’ on the report can reflect reality or the fact that Choose my Plate is not (for me) an easy website to use. The reality is there are foods that I either don’t enjoy or they make me feel sick after I eat them (IE milk or lots of bread/pasta) and I can’t afford alternatives to these foods. My average number of calories consumed per day was 1,264 which is quite a bit less than the recommended intake of 2,600 per day. I am curious how my diet during the summer compares to now that I am in school. I have classes during lunch and I
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