My Personal Goal of Becoming a Mechanical Engineer

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Admission Essay I have literally known what I want to be since I was a toddler. Of course, as a three-year old putting together Legos, I could not have verbalized that I want to be a mechanical engineer. However, it was at that time that I began to develop and use the skills that I will need for my desired career. I began to consider how parts went together and the different components necessary to build and sustain various systems. Part of the inspiration was the simple fun that I had while putting together these small toys, but part of my inspiration was my father. He was a maintenance turn-around coordinator at an oil refinery, which led to my own desire to work as a mechanical engineer in a refinery one day. As I grew older, my interest in mechanical engineering remained constant, though I expanded my interest beyond the oil refineries. In fact, after attending a pre-college program, Jackling Introduction to Engineering, offered by Missouri Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri in the summer of 2011, I realized that engineering was the perfect way to exercise my curiosity and inventiveness in a constructive and productive manner. Interestingly enough, I would say that Legos played a tremendous role in helping me develop my goals. I began playing with the toys when I was 3 years old, a hobby I embraced throughout my childhood. I participated in the Lego Robotics competition at Florissant Valley Community College in Missouri in 2005. When I was 10 years old, I

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