My Personal Goals to License Track Counseling Program

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This essay will address in subsections the reason why I am seeking a specialization in a license track counseling program. I t will address how I will do my best to obtain experience through volunteer work. I will discuss in detail part of my life experience as well as my interpersonal skills that made an impact on my decision to become a Mental Health Counselor. In addition, I will also explain in details the license requirement that I will need to practice in the state of Florida. This is the state where I want to practice.
1. Rationale for seeking specialization in a license-track counseling program

License counselors are a highly-skilled professional who uses combine traditional psychotherapy and a problem solving approach. These professional counselors create a path for change and find a solution to the problem the client is experiencing. The reason why I am seeking a specialization in a license track counseling program is due to my past experiences. I feel that what I overcame in my past life, I can help others move beyond the obstacles they are experiencing. Therefore, I want to obtain my Masters in the Mental Health Counseling program and attain my license afterwards.
2. Impact of previous employment, volunteer work, and other human service or counseling experiences. This section must address:
Unfortunately, I have not worked or have done volunteer work to gain experience in the counseling profession. However, I will give it my best effort to volunteer in a an
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