My Personal Journey Through School

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To earn this nomination, I have shown my utmost passion for learning and the aspiration to know how everything works. I have always put maximum effort and pride into what I do, because at the end of the day, I know my journey through school would not be completely worthwhile if I did not end each day knowing I put in all I could. No matter how many successes or failures I have, I know to take all I can from each experience: failure, when faced bravely, presents one with the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. Success, on the contrary, proves that one has indeed conquered the lesson at hand. In practice, I have come to be in the top 1% of my class-number 8 in the top 10. In band, I have shown that I can participate effectively with my…show more content…
I am a self-starter, and although my parents gave me an old synthesizer that set me on the path to learn piano, I have taken the whole of the path by my own volition, patience, and determination. I 'm resolved to partake in piano competitions as a soloist or group performer, and I have recently established myself as a composer. When I heard from a friend about a composition competition offered by GMEA, I decided to experiment one night at my piano, and the result of that is my very own eight page waltz for piano and oboe, which I feel committed to perform. My heart resonates with the sound of music. When I come home each day to play my nearly 100 year-old piano, I am elated by the very opportunity; furthermore, each chance I have to play is a remarkably unique experience. Even in the moments where I feel the most unpleasant, music gives me joy. There are instances where I play, and I feel as though a muse speaks a song into my ear; in those moments I am inspired to compose or to simply experiment. Not a second passes where music does not phase my conscious or sub-conscious thinking. I want to continue expressing myself throughout my life, and having started composing, I often think when I take breaks from homework, club meetings, rehearsals for band, and work that I have aspirations to compose scores for film. In my free time, I spend an innumerable amount of
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