My Personal Journey With My Group

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When this course started, I didn’t know what to expect. Quickly did I learn that it was more than just about a single individual and his or her ideas and behaviours. As the course progressed, I learned that it was very important to understand how small groups work. Reflecting upon my personal journey with my group, I have learnt that working in small groups requires commitment, synergy, communication, listening, conflict resolution and decision making and problem solving. This brings me upon my personal journey with my small group and how I have learned to work in such an environment. Our team comprised of four members; Emily, Cileena, Chelsea and I. We were all delegated with an individual role each term and I was designated team leader for the first term for our group. I felt at the time that this role did not suit me as I am the type of person who is more on the shy side. In addition, the course had just begun so I was relatively unsure of how the course was handled which also affected my ability to serve as the team leader to the best of my capabilities. During the first term, our team responsibility was the evaluation team. We created a well planned and carefully executed evaluation rubric to assess each group’s performance. The start of this term was when the phases of group development initiated. The first stage of any group is forming (Harris and Sherblom, 2010, p. 58). At this time, we were all still getting to know each other and were uncertain upon one another
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