My Personal Leadership Analysis And Action Plan

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This essay assesses my personal leadership analysis and action plan. This paper has four separate components intending to provide a self-assessment, personal experiences, personal relationships, and an action plan. The first part will discuss four of my self-assessments, from this course, that will evaluate my leadership characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. The second section of the paper will isolate personal leadership experiences that were significant in my life. Additionally, the section discusses what I learned and how my leadership evolved from these experiences. The third part will identify people who have affected and influenced my attitudes and ideas about leadership. In addition, this part will explain what impact that these individuals had on my leadership style. The fourth section of the paper will outline a personal action plan for developing my leadership skills. Furthermore, giving examples of goals and actions that I would like to achieve to improve my leadership skills in the future.
As a former Marine and a current leader in my organization, it has been vital for me to understand every aspect of leadership. Furthermore, why it remains essential to me to be an extremely effective leader. During this course, I have developed more knowledge and learned some valuable lessons in leadership. Not just about myself as a leader, but the importance of the follower and the situation. In addition, moving forward, I can improve my leadership
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