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Throughout my life I have been on my own leadership journey. I had not realized it at first but every part of life has a lesson to learn. With the beginning leadership classes and the start of the Leadership Studies Minor, I have become more aware of what true leadership is about. As it was drilled in our heads throughout the course, “leadership is a process”. Learning this concept cleared the air of all the occasions in life that were adaptive but never had a term to describe them. I know now that the term is “Adaptive Leadership”. I like the quote; “Standing in the garage no more makes you a car than standing in an office makes you a leader.” A leader has qualities not positions or titles. A great leader to me is someone who is hard working, visionary, a good active listener, honest, honorable, and someone who is not afraid to ask questions.

This is what I believe we have been learning this semester in class. It is the process in which an individual can take to overcome an obstacle by first managing self, to defining the situation, then to intervening skillfully, and energizing others to make the changes needed. As the book states, “Adaptive Leadership is the practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive.” I anticipate using this as a takeaway from the class. Just working through one system this semester through different journal entries I have been able to make a difference. For me, the “balcony” term sticks the greatest. I have always been a…
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