My Personal Leadership Under The Vroom Yetton Normative Decision Model

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The three areas of my personal leadership repertoire which are the weakest are consultative type II leadership, Group-based Type 2 Leadership, and Autocratic Type 1 Leadership

Consultative type II leadership under the Vroom-Yetton-Jago Normative Decision Model is something I should use more frequently. It mirrors the consultative type I style but deviates in the fact that followers are allowed to meet with each other. Often in my capacity I have clientele which could find great synergy on their projects. Occasionally I will introduce 2 of my clients that have similar interests if they are willing. Under this paradigm we try to create a win-win-win relationship for three parties. Two of our clientele who have common interests which can collaboratively use the HTS core as a service provider thus lowering their individual resource burden and providing synergy between all parties. Previously this has yielded very productive relationships and outcomes allowing them to use our services and each other’s unique strengths to propel a research endeavor into a competitive space. Personally I have shied away from this model due to current workloads. However if done proactively it has shown great benefit. This style requires more early communication and an effort to mobilize the ideals of many parties. More effort should be exerted to this end to provide a useful tool to promote and produce synergy and increased success among projects when clientele are willing. [6][7]…

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