My Personal Model Of Leadership

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"Where there is no community, trust, respect, ethical behavior, it is difficult for the young to learn and from the old to maintain" (Sendjaya and Sarros, 2002, p. 68). The founder of servant leadership, Robert K Greenleaf; considered that every person ought to own values that could support and guide others. Greenleaf 's philosophy was that "the servant leader is a servant first; it begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve" (Dierendonck & Patterson, 2010, p. 22). To serve, people must comprehend values, which are a person 's ethics of behavior shaping his or her vision. Moreover, values are distinctive from taking the survey created by Milton Rokeach; which consists of the most important morals and beliefs and how…show more content…
Leaders cannot lead and servers cannot serve without honesty. For instance, the value of trustworthiness is not just speaking the truth, but also in how people live. My personal model of leadership creates a sense of meaning and purpose because what I want to gain from people are communication skills and finding solutions. For example, servant leadership demonstrates how trustworthiness influences communication skills because followers can intellect honesty; which allows them to seek answers. Yet, those who lie lose credibility or and allow people to believe what they want to hear. I understand that being truthful to others can be hurtful, but being honest will guide them to find their answers. The impact of a true value is that I spoke from my heart and made a frank attempt to find and give my knowledge to resolve the issue. In addition, servant leaders are only effective in helping others by gaining their confidence. In conclusion, to be a true servant leader, I must build trust among people because it starts from the most insignificant things I do or say and accumulates over time; which influence others decision (Lee, Fabish & McGaw, 2005). My personal model of leadership reflects and creates a purpose on my value which guides me from an interpersonal perception to be responsible. Servant leadership initiates with the aspiration of wanting to have obligations for their followers ' benefits. Servant leaders have the responsibility to
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