My Personal Motivation And Motivation

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Motivation to me is anything that pushes you to accomplish something that you want. No matter how many goals I set for myself without motivation the desire to accomplish my goals wouldn 't be there so, they would continue to be just thoughts or dreams. My faith, self love, family, and personal achievements are just a few things that inspire me to stay motivated in life.

My Initial Motivations
Passing the GED
Passing the GED was my first initial motivation for wanting to start college because it provided me the opportunity to pursue a higher education. In fact before I received my diploma I honestly hadn 't even considered college as an option for myself. Passing was a life-changing accomplishment, it increased my confidence, and motivated me to want more for myself.
Wanting to homeschool
Wanting to homeschool my son was my second and most important motivation. At the time, my son and I were living in a high crime neighborhood with a failing school system and I wanted more for him. After, speaking with the coordinator I found that the only requirement to homeschool in Washington, D.C. was to have a diploma. Although, I had just received my diploma, I still didn 't feel qualified to teach him. But, I was 'nt going to let my limited education stand in the way of Aryes 's education. It was then that I decided that I would further my education, so that me and Aryes could learn together.
Wanting to become self-employed My third and final
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