My Personal Narrative Is Texas

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The personal narrative is a literary work written from a specific person 's life on a specific experience that had shaped the specific person 's life in such a way that the person is fundamentally changed forever. My personal narrative encompasses the biggest change in my life, the move from my home state to the state of North Carolina. Whenever I tell someone that I used to live in Texas and I loved it there the first thing I always hear is “Really. I thought Texas was a garbage state”. What I usually tell them is that they are of course correct. Almost 90% of texas are tiny towns where some don 't have electricity or running water, and even worse are the small cities full of illegal immigrants and rampant in crime. However like a massive desert of unpleasantness there is an oasis in the center that makes the trip through the desert all worth it. This oasis is Austin Texas, known as one of the top four best cities in the entirety of the United States. The city of Austin is a beautiful place and I can barely put into words the feelings I have about that city. Austin is a wonderful city and I was born in it; however, I was raised in a small town right next to austin called Cedar Park.
In Cedar Park born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days like most kids even nowadays; however the parks in Cedar Park were not your ordinary park, these parks were huge and that 's not just my child mind speaking. There were four parts to the park with each part
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