My Personal Narrative Of My Life

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My personal Narrative The date was October 8, 2014, 2 days after my birthday. One of the realest quotes I heard was “Don’t trust a soul” and i should have listened. It started out as any other day, mom was mad me for one reason or another, dad was sitting on the couch like always playing the “Call of Duty”. I was a Saturday so of course I tried to sleep in but my dad love playing his game with the sound on high it really out under my skin. Think about it you 're sleeping in your bed and all of a sudden you hear “POW! POW! POW!” you’re going to get pretty irritated but i was use to it. Anyways my dad had no job and if you saw him he was either over his friends house, sleep, arguing with my mom or smoking stuff I shouldn 't say right now. My…show more content…
I didn 't find it weird or strange that that one friend didn 't text me, I figured she was probably busy. That friend name was Kim. Kim was one of those that told her honest opinion about everything and get got really irritating. Anyways as I was laying down my phone lit up which meant I got a Snapchat message. It was Kim, I assumed that she was probably going to say something like “Stop laying there and get up and take some medicine” so I wait a little to read it. When I finally read my whole mood changed she said “I don 't care that you hate me me because honestly I feel like your fake”” I am clearly annoyed because nothing I was feeling was because of her or direct towards her. But my nose cringed at the word “fake”. Me and Kim had a history she had a smart mouth so nobody really liked her so I was really her only friend. I lost friends because they didn 't want me to be friends with her and stuff like that. Anyways I was far from “fake”. I.texted her and said “Wait one minute Kim how in the world am I fake” she goes on to say “ You don 't talk to me how you talk to your other friends and I don 't need you to be my friend i’m not being you too” at this point I am heated because that was a lie but if I did it was because she was acting like a butt. I took the intuitive to call her and get to the bottom The conversation starts out going sensitive and intense until it was my turn to talk she kept screaming “fake fake fake” so I started getting loud
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