My Personal Narrative Of My Life

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This will be a long personal narrative about my current stressful life. Before, I came down to the University of Georgia to work with the football team my life back in East Lansing, Michigan was quite peaceful. However, I will admit I was still overly stressed with the endless amount of coursework I had, but I still had time to relax or had time to be bored and question what I should do with my time. Now taking all of my credits online and working 12-15 hour days, then traveling to the games on Saturday has me begging for more time. Furthermore, the current stressor affecting my life is time management. After learning about epigenetics and how lifestyle choices and stress can alter your gene expression, this paper came at a perfect time to…show more content…
I’ve been dealing with this for a long duration with no apparent time limit. Robert Spalosky (2004), talks about anticipatory stressors and how they can affect us physically and psychologically. Poor time management proves to be detrimental to your well-being. Its unfortunate that I deal with this, because I’m a very future-oriented person and research has shown that future-oriented people are more like to be reliable to their commitments. Furthermore, my coping strategies will be constructive and involve multiple steps. Both of my coping strategies will involve exercise on a daily basis. There are numerous of studies that point to physical activity, being preventive and therapeutic for stressors. In fact, a study in our textbook found that people who took part in a two-month exercise program showed an increase in emotional control and a great decrease in emotional distress (Oaten & Cheng, 2006). I can testify to that research, because when I exercise tend to lose sight of everything else going on and become relaxed. Typically, working out also promotes higher self-esteem. This is because you’re positively reinforced by society by receiving compliments. In addition, during physical activity your body releases endorphins. Endorphins act as analgesics, which diminishes your perception of pain and they also act as sedatives. Finally, both of my coping strategies will consist of a questionnaire to allow me to asses how well my coping strategy

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