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Slumped in my bed with my laptop is how I spend most days. A duvet, food and youtube are all the things that make me happy nowadays. That sounds really sad I know, but I don 't really see anyone, not even family to be honest. I 'm home schooled and my mum is out of the house from 4:30am until 8:00pm trying to earn enough money to support the two of us. Yeah, it 's a lonely little life and yeah, it does feel very isolated.

That 's why I find comfort in youtube. The videos are the most comfort I get at the moment, I mean people are practically talking to you, and that 's more than I get in real life. I don 't know how to talk to new people or make friends because I never had to, I 'm very shy, the only person I talk to is my mum as we don
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There are some youtubers that never fail to make me laugh, even if I 'm at a low, that can just make me smile. It 's kinda weird to like them for a 14 year old girl, I mean most people my age are probably in love with Joe Sugg or Caspar Lee, Dan Howell or Phil Lester. But not me. Well, I do love them, but the people I just can 't get enough of are the Yogscast.

I don 't know why, they 're just hillarious and I absolutely love them. Yes sure call me a geek, a nerd whatever but I play a lot of the games they do and never miss a new episode of anything. I 've watched all their series at least twice.

That does sound rather sad but you have to remember I 'm alone with nothing to do most of the time.

I do all my maths, English, science and media studies (home) school work on my laptop, I also do art. I sometimes do extra if I feel like I 'm going to be tired the next day so I can just watch youtube videos. Yeah, I 'm taking my GCSEs this year as well as next year and that means that because I 'm home schooled, I have to go into a school to take the exams. Not only are exams terrifying, but going into a giant room full of strangers to do an exam is even scarier.

So, here I am, sat on my bed on a warm Monday afternoon, doing some Biology coursework. I listened to Ed Sheerans album 'Multiply '. I absolutely adored Ed and particularly enjoyed listening to 'Runaway ', I have no idea why, it just made the whole idea of running away sound rather
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