My Personal Note On My Life

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It was seven in the morning so I woke to the annoying sound of my alarm. I rolled to my side practically throwing my phone on the ground and sat up. I had fallen asleep writing in my journal. Yeah, i 'm 20 and still write in a journal, well. It was more like a song book, not some diary little 12 year olds write in about their crushes at school. I glanced at my phone laying on the ground that read 7:08. Well I guess I should get my ass up and get ready for this dreadful day at work. I really didn 't enjoy being a cashier at a Gas Station. But hey it pays the bills so I don 't really care. After I had thrown on my work clothes I did my hair and grabbed my wallet. I 'm not the girl that brings around a purse and wears make up. So all I really…show more content…
I had gotten two graphic novels and a science fiction book. While I was handing my money to the cashier a tall skeleton, probably like 6 feet, had gotten in line two places behind me with a fish woman. He had three cook books in his boney hands. He was jittery and excited about these books and the fish woman had just smiled and patted on his shoulder. She said something to him but I couldn 't tell what she had said.

With the bag of books in my hand I headed back out into the cold. I parked kinda far since I don 't like parking on the curb like other people. I threw up my hood and shoved my hands in my pockets and rushed to my car. I was stopped when I saw these three men surrounding this short yellow monster in a white coat. She was against the wall with a look of terror on her face. One of the men was directly in her face yelling at her. I glanced at the man to the left of him and he had a knife in his hand. I dropped my bag and ran over to the bunch. I had grabbed the man in the monsters face by the back of his hood and puled him backwards to where he fell onto the ground. I quickly dashed over to the terrified monster and stood in front of her, cupping my arms around her but still facing the men. "You fuckers better get the hell out of here and leave this monster alone" I screamed. The man with the knife dashed at me and tried to grab me. I dodged pulling the monster with me. I was jerked back by one of the
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