My Personal Opinion On The Game

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I 've had the pleasure of enjoying about five or six hours of MP thus far, (I 've lost count.) including an entirely sleepless night I took to stay up and continue playing to beat the campaign at hand. Below, I 've written a release-day review to assist you in deciding whether you would enjoy this game or not. First of all, make no mistake, Battlefield Hardline isn 't simply a reboot of BF4. Though every BF game is similar to the others, Battlefield Hardline appears to be the freshest attempt at BF since the release of BC. In my personal opinion, I 'm stoked that this game is a bit different, because if I desire a military-based FPS, the community surrounding BF4 continues to actively thrive! I quickly observed that loading times appear to be longer than usual for the majority of FPS games. However, I 've only played 5 hours of MP, which doesn 't include beta). So, keep that in mind, because though I wanted to note this fact, I don 't want to create the impression that I don 't know how the game will ultimately play on your system when it 's cooled down or that I 'm knowledgeable about the progression system. Reasons Why You Should Play the Campaign Visceral has made a concerted effort to create an immersive campaign. In fact, it 's my favorite BF campaign, only second to BC2, obviously! I 'm entirely cognizant that it being my favored campaign isn 't really enough of a reason for you to gauge you 're interest, but I want to further convey my enjoyment I
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