My Personal Philosophy Has Changed My Life

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My personal philosophy has grown greatly since starting Palmer College of Chiropractic. Before coming to school I did not know that even a philosophy existed. I knew I wanted to join this profession because I got a glimpse of what Chiropractic care can do to people. While deciding what school I wanted to attend, I weighed heavily how many techniques were taught, how many clubs were offered, and what study abroad options were available. Palmer Davenport was last on my list. I already sent in my deposit to another chiropractic school but to make my rugby coach, who was a Palmer Davenport graduate, stop heckling me about visiting Palmer I decided to come to visit. Once I got hear more about the roots of how chiropractic was started and see…show more content…
It is our philosophy that sets us apart from other people. I am thankful she was able to guide me in the starting phases of my time at Palmer. If I did not have that guidance I could have been lost or misled for a long period of time. I started chiropractic school three months before a good friend started medical school. When we chatted at Christmas a few months after being in school we both agreed immediately our philosophy was different. I had an inside out approach and she had an outside-in approach. We both respected each others work. During the first few months of being at school, I was wondering what these ADIO stickers meant. I got close enough to one of the stickers to read them after a week or two: Above, down, inside,out. This made sense once I put it all together. I personally appreciate that believing in a higher spiritual power is well excepted in the profession. A universal intelligence is believed by most. Unless you come from a chiropractic legacy or you were exposed to someone who got the big idea of chiropractic you really do not know the extent you are getting into when you sign up for school. You know you want to help people through chiropractic but you do not know who paved the road ahead of you to have this opportunity to be in the field. I had no idea that chiropractors were jailed for practicing. I did
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