My Personal Philosophy : My Educational Philosophy

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Starting with the Family: From the Tablet to the Table
Janai Fennell (L27254994)
EDUC 604-D06
Dr. Holzman
Liberty University

My educational philosophy can be summarized in one word “family”. Every thing can begin and end with the family. This paper examines my personal belief that a student has higher success rate in life when they have a supportive, loving family environment. The primary roles of a mother and father in today’s society are drastically lacking. These particular reasons vary from absentee fathers, overworked single mom, and/or grandparents having to assume the role of parents again. My theory starting with the family means taking an sociological route to identify a students home life and strive to provide what the student may be lacking from outside or in-house resources. The concept “From the Tablet to the Table” deviates from technology and social media that plagues our young people to around the table dinners, traditional teachings, good talks, and other verbal communication.

I sustain myself with the love of family. Maya Angelou The foundation of a child’s family relationship is revealed by the way they handle social relationships, life decisions, career choices, and hard times. I choose to use the title from the Tablet to the Table, as a result of a recent commercial by brand named “Eggo”, with the catch line “leggo my Eggo”. In this commercial, the children and parents are texting each other, while
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