My Personal Philosophy : My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Nursing

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Nursing has a broad spectrum of philosophical assumptions. It is interesting to note that it encompasses various concepts that help strengthen the field of nursing profession. These concepts include environment, health, nursing and patient. My personal philosophy and the professional philosophies I follow are related in that I use my core personal decisions as the driving force behind the core of nursing philosophies. All these philosophical concepts are centered on the patient’s care and the ultimate goal of having a positive patient outcome. Choice of Nursing I chose nursing because of my desire to help those in need and making a difference in their lives. As a young girl I have always cared for people and my desire to become a nurse grew when my auntie got sick. My parents took her in and cared for her. My auntie could not help herself in any way. She was fed, bathed, cleaned and carried from one place to the other. The doctors could not help her anymore so she was to be cared at home. I helped my mom in taking care of my aunt and I thought to myself, if only I was a nurse I would know more and give her better care. My auntie passed a few months later and I felt guilty, I felt like the care we gave her was not good enough. I could not understand why the doctors did not keep her in the hospital where she would have received better care. The guilt and anger I felt further enhanced my desire to learn nursing in the hopes that what happened to my auntie would not happen
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