My Personal Philosophy : My Philosophy

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As a small child, I dreamt of healing others. I carried around a toy doctor’s kit everywhere I went and would treat all of my stuffed animals with various cuts or “boo boos”. However, this dream I had continued to stay with me as I grew older, but the complexity of my dream began to change. I still had the mentality of wanting to heal others, but the reasons behind it began to develop and this can be shown through my personal philosophy. Defining my personal philosophy begins with incorporating my professional philosophy. I believe that my personal and professional philosophy is congruent in that I value the integrity of relationships, personal honesty, and truth when it comes to not only performing in the medical practice but in everyday interactions. In the medical practice, I believe that a solid foundation is built on forming quality relationships with the patients. This is why I believe in personal honesty and truth. In order to display these qualities in the relationship with the patient, it starts by having to deeply instill these qualities in myself. I believe that in order to fully understand a patient, I need to develop this empathetic and understanding relationship. It allows both parties to open up and see the true meaning behind their distress. Not only, do I believe that you need to focus on relationships with patients, but I believe that patients need to be treated with respect and seen as a whole. Personally, I believe that treating the…
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