My Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management Plan

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Classroom Management Plan
A well-organized classroom management plan will be effective in creating a positive classroom environment which can help to activate students’ motivations and facilitate students’ learning. This classroom management plan is designed for a Stage 4 class, Year 8-3 in Mackenzie Secondary College.

In my personal philosophy of classroom management plan, the considerations about their socio-emotional needs and support students’ learning are key elements in creating a learning environment. As a teacher, I will be responsible for creating a well-planned classroom environment. In the Social Justice Theory, students understand they could affect others have the awareness to help regulate their own behaviors in classrooms. However, it does not mean that students can do whatever they like in the classroom. According to Responsible Thinking Process Model (Ford, 2008) both students and teachers have rights of being safe in the learning environment. At this point, I will be a guide for students and prevent misbehavior. By keeping everything positive in my classroom, students can be actively engaged and learn more.

I will involve students in designing the classroom rules. As the rules are made, I will emphasis to ensure they are all clear about these rules. Based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (Alberto & Troutman, 2013) the antecedents and consequences can influence students’ inappropriate behaviours. According to previous experience, students know

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