My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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There is a multitude of schools and teachers throughout the world. Each teacher has their own set of beliefs and values. These beliefs and values are exceptionally important because they guide each educator in the way they choose to teach. These beliefs of education are known as the philosophy of education. The philosophy of education is defined as the influences of what is taught and how the students will be taught. Throughout my study in my education class and past experiences, my mind was expanded and I acquired sufficient knowledge to develop my own concept of my personal philosophy of education. First, I will clarify the reasons why I choose the profession of being an educator. The first reason has been my parents influence on how important education is. From a very small age, my parents have instilled the importance of education. My parents, unfortunately, were not able to have the opportunity that most people take for granted, which was the opportunity to receive a higher education. My parents were only able to attend school until the six grade. After, they were forced to drop out because the place where they lived, did not grant many learning opportunities for free. Since they were not able to get a higher education they settled for whatever job they could get. From then on they strongly believed that everyone needs to get an education in order to have a wide range of options of what they want to do to succeed life. Luckily I had always loved school. I cherished
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