My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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What is a meaningful education? Throughout time many philosopher and educators have pondered on this question, leading to the development of theories and concepts that are present in the classroom today. In my personal experience, an educator philosophy is built over a course of time which is based on their knowledge and experience. An educator belief system is like a river, it changes and matures throughout its course, bending and changing as it progresses. Throughout the course of my educational career many thoughts, philosophy, and experience have develop my personal philosophy of education. The purpose of education is to provide a child with an engaging, supported atmosphere where a child is ability to express themselves freely in order to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical abilities. Worldview and Philosophy of Life Everyone on the Earth has a distinct purpose. In Romans 8.28, it states “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose (Bible Gateway, 2015).” God has a plan and meaning for us to strength and grow under care of His love. It is our purpose to follow Him and glorify Him in all we do. Teachers are essential spiritual role models for children. Teachers must model and teach Christian themes in their classroom, to guide children to develop strong faith in the Lord. To develop a child’s morals, a teacher can introduce themes and expectation into the
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