My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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CLES 871

Foundations of Higher Education

Summer 2015

Instructor: Joel Abaya, PhD

Personal Philosophy of Education

Submitted by:
Wessam Elamawy

Personal Philosophy of Education
From the very beginning of my life I recognized the importance of higher education. I am 34 years old. I am Egyptian. I was born in a highly educated family . My father earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. My uncle earned a Ph.D. in Engineering . My aunt is a doctor. My grandparents were highly educated and they were great leaders in the educational field. This shaped my personality and made me aware of how higher education is important for my future career. After I graduated from the Faculty of Arts, I received a master 's degree in English literature. I chose education as my career. I worked for nine years as a teacher of English in Egypt and Kuwait. Having worked in the educational field made me eager to pursue higher studies in education. Now I am a graduate student in Wichita State University. I hope to earn a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.
Meaning and Purpose of Higher Education: Higher education in America refers to post-secondary education. It refers to studies undertaken in universities or any other institution to earn a degree. There are numerous number of public and private higher educational institutions in America. Every year, American universities and other higher education institutions receive an ever-increasing numbers of
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