My Personal Philosophy Of Leadership

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Every person has a moral framework in which he operates his daily life. Many use this philosophy without even consciously doing so; others will question almost all decisions they make. My personal moral philosophy is closely tied to my philosophy of leadership. I reside in the first category of people, those that operate in a moral philosophy that has not been specifically identified, but is strongly tied to my faith. This paper will allow me to express my own personal and leadership philosophy. My personal philosophy has been molded and developed by my upbringing, faith and experiences in my life. A nature and nurture process co-exists to develop one’s guidelines in life and in leadership. We take experiences and examples from parents and mentors, good and bad, to develop our internal philosophies. My core beliefs correspond to the tenet that a sense of integrity is more fundamental to the welfare of ethical individuals than a concern for consequences or rules. However, my chosen profession has aligned me to deontology and an empirical search for answers. I follow a creed based upon a warrior ethos. Moral philosophy divides ethical theories into two categories: theories that honor what is right and theories that honor what is good. Definitions of the good refer to the outcomes that individuals’ activities should strive to bring about; definitions of what is right refer to what people and administrations should do in responding to ethical duties. The way of
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