My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Education

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing Education My personal philosophy of nursing education is a work in progress as I continue to grow as a nurse, and educator and as a scholar of nursing education. I am not new to the role of nurse or educator, but newer to the role of nursing educator. Nursing is the healing energy of caring, embodied in knowledge and skills. Each person is a unique combination of cognitive and physical energy blended together and infused by spiritual energy. Spiritual energy provides each person with a creative, connecting purpose that is individual and intended for personal achievement towards a collective whole. Health is the process of creating, connecting, and having a purpose that will then exist in the presence and absence of disease. The goal of nursing is to interact with others in a way that nurtures the process of creating that purpose. This requires knowledge that is empirical, ethical, esthetic, personal, and spiritual. In all situations, no matter how hopeless the circumstances seem to be, nurses value the sacred potential in each person with a respect that seeks to transcend human weaknesses and connect with the strengths, the gifts, and the purpose of each person in order to nurture the process of health. Nursing is emancipatory, transformational and saturated in the ethics of caring. In the process of creating individualized caring through connecting interactions, we, too, are transformed. Nursing is a true vocation. Not in the sense of an
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