My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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For the purpose of the paper, famous philosophies and a personal nursing philosophy is presented, including the personal definitions of the four phenomena of nursing namely person, environment, health, and nursing. The said philosophy will then be compared to other professionally-acclaimed philosophies. Included in the discussion is the importance of a nurse’s role in providing health care to persons, family, and the society and how it is able to address problems in the face of cultural and spiritual differences. Personal Philosophy A personal philosophy is a concept from theories that is instrumental to understanding and practicing nursing as a science and an art. Philosophy’s distinctive contribution comes in the education of nurses and teachers and in the development of nursing theory and research. More importantly, philosophystrongly affects the formulation of personal values which underlines all undertakings of a nurse in the practice of his profession (Meehan, 2012; Kutin 2013). The application of a personal philosophy provide meaningful direction for a nurse’s career. It serves as a basis for andsustain exceptional nursing practice, and the ability to decrease the cases of insensitive and ineffectual practice. Furthermore, it has been claimed that it can close the relevance gap between nursing practice and nursing scienceand helps in gasping knowledge regarding patients, their environment, the workplace, and health and wellness(Meehan, 2012). Cherie,
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