My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Nursing philosophies is derived from both individual and professional organizational aspects, which can greatly influence one’s personal perceptions of the profession, nursing. Every nurse should have a philosophy or a set of beliefs upon which to base nursing action. It is important to note that philosophies of nursing are dynamic in nature and may change throughout time. Having a written philosophy is not only considered as an academic exercise but also a requirement of professional accrediting bodies. A Philosophy’s distinctive contribution comes in the education of nurses and teachers and in the development of nursing theory and research. More importantly, philosophy strongly affects the formulation of personal values which underlines…show more content…
With these ideas in mind, my own definitions of the four phenomena of nursing are as follows: “person” describes the patient who is in need of a healthcare plan and has the liberty to access all privileges provided by healthcare professionals. “Health” refers to the holistic being of the person and his or her ability to function optimally. “Environment” is the physical, social, and mental environment of the patient, which can greatly contribute to healing and the nurse-care relationship itself. Lastly, “nursing” refers to all the processes involved when nursing care is given. People develop personal philosophies as they grow up and are often influenced by pioneers in the formation of nursing philosophy and theorists. Among the well-known theories in the field of nursing is the theory of Virginia Henderson (unique function of nurses). Henderson’s perception of a patient is that of a person who needs support in attaining “independence and completeness or wholeness of mind and body” (Alligood and Tomey, 2013, p. 55). As a member of the nursing society, her experience as a caretaker for the sick and wounded soldiers during a war was what she considered one of her greatest privileges. This encounter marked the true essence of nursing for Henderson and made her appreciate the complexity and importance of the nurse-patient relationship. She also highlighted that nursing is a form of practice that is independent from that of physicians
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