My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Throughout the first year Foundations of Professional Nursing course, I have gained a better understand of nursing and thus my perspective on nursing has developed a lot. After learning about the different concepts and theories in nursing, I feel I understand the role of nurses better and it makes me proud to have chosen this profession. I have also realized how much the concepts I have learned this year have affected my perspective on nursing and have helped shape me into becoming a nurse. In addition, I have been able to develop a personal philosophy of nursing. This paper will examine the importance of a sub- concept to nursing, reflect on my personal journey of development as a nurse and discuss my personal philosophy of nursing. Course Sub-concept An important sub-concept of nursing is interprofessional collaborative practice. Although, all of the sub-concepts relating to the metaparadigms are crucial to nursing practice, I chose to discuss interprofessional collaborative practice because it has influenced me the most and I did not realize how important it was until this course. Interprofessional collaboration implies being educated about other members of the team in order to facilitate collaborative teamwork, which is essential for patient centered care (Osbiston, 2013). Utilizing other professional 's knowledge significantly benefits the patients care and ultimately their health. A patient requires care from various health care professionals as they all have
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