My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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My Personal Nursing Philosophy A nursing philosophy is concepts or values that a nurse embraces within his/her practice and allows these concepts and values to shape the way he/she practices nursing and drives the purpose of their nursing care. It is important for each nurse to develop his/her philosophy of nursing to be a purpose driven nurse. Each nurse will have his/her own nurse philosophy because each believes differently. Nursing philosophies might come from different understandings but still point to one thing. They point towards the benefit and for the good of the client. Nursing philosophies can have several key concepts that are used in nursing models that include: client, health, environment and nursing. Today there are many nursing theorists who have developed their own nursing philosophies that help nurses shape their personal nursing philosophy. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse is a nursing theorist that captures some of the essentials of nursing philosophy and created the Human Becoming Theory of Nursing. Parse’s Theory of nursing causes one to think differently about the client, health, environment and nursing. This theorist has caught my attention because it focused on many of the beliefs and values that I identify with. My personal values include: compassion, integrity, professionalism and commitment.
My nursing philosophy is rooted in the desire to give and selflessly serve those in need. I believe that nursing is not about treating a health…

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